Microscope PCE-MVM 3D

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Motorised 3D-microscope with engine / motorised mirror (45° radius) / transmitted and reflected light / up to 75 x magnification / Connection via USB to computer / 
8" LC display / 800 x 600 pixels resolution
The motorised 3D microscope PCE-MVM 3D features a motorised mirror (45° radius), a CCD camera and an LCD display. The motorised 3D microscope is a compact, very solid and easy-to-handle device. Due to a 75 x magnification even the smallest objects can be viewed in detail, so that the motorised 3D microscope qualifies for controlling tasks and work on electronic construction parts, circuit boards, jewellery and others. The mirror is shifted by a small engine with adjustable speed and moving direction. A USB connection allows transfer of the images to a computer and editing of them (therefore editing software is required, not included in the delivery). The motorised 3D microscope works within a distance radius of 175 mm, allowing an analysis of very large objects. The motorised 3D microscope supports the method of transmitted light as well as reflected light, thus transparent objects can be viewed as well as solid, non-transparent objects. The motorised 3D microscope PCE-MVM 3D is an ideal device for laboratories, schools, industries and many other professional applications.

- Magnification continuously 12...75 x
- Variable height even for larger objects
- Transmitted and reflected light
- Data transfer via USB 2.0
- Resolution at display 800 x 600 pixels
- 45° motorised rotating mirror
- With image-recording function
- Compact design
- 8 languages 
- IncludES aluminium carrying case

Technical specifications of the mechanical 3D-microscope PCE-MVM 3D
Display8" LC-display
Resolution800 x 600 pixels
Magnification12 ... 45x continuously
Light sourcetransmitted and reflected light continuous regulation
ConnectionsUSB 2.0, AV out
Power Source 100 ... 240 V AC 50 / 60 HZ
System requirementsWindows 2000 onwards
working heightmin. 10 mm / max. 175 mm
Dimensionsdisplay: 220 x 160 x 100 mm
table: 150 x 230 x 60 mm
Weight6.0 kg

Delivery content of the mechanical 3D microscope PCE-MVM 3D
1 x motorised 3D microscope PCE-MVM 3D
1 x USB interface cable
1 x video cable 
1 x power cable 
1 x dust cover 
1 x aluminium carrying case with key
1 x object plate made of glass
1 x contrast plate black / white
1 x backup lamps for reflecting light
1 x backup lamps for transmitting light
1 x backup fuse
1 x cleaning tissues
1 x instruction manual