Microscope PCE-IVM 3D

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Mechanical 3D-microscope with display / mechanically moved mirror (360° rotating radius) / both incident and transmitting lights are used / up to a 75-fold magnification / 
connection  to computer via USB
The mechanical 3D-microscope works with both transmitted or reflected light and by that allows creating a three-dimensional representation of the objects. That mechanical 3D-microscope helps o get a view from all sides of the object, due to a mirror that can be mechanically rotated in a 360° radius. With that mechanical 3D-microscope you can get details, which could be easily missed with common microscopes. In many applications your work is made much easier. This mechanical 3D-microscope is ideal for an application in laboratories, schools, the industry and many other professional areas. The mechanical 3D-microscope is compact, very solid and easy to navigate. This mechanical 3D-microscope has a large working distance of 175 mm. Thus the analysis of even larger objects is very simplified. Our 3D-microscope provides a three-dimensional image of objects on a LC display. The images shown on the LC display can also be transferred to a computer via its USB interface and there they can be further edited (therefore a special software is required, which is not included in delivery and must be purchased separately). The mechanical 3D-microscope provides an 12 ... 75-fold magnification and therefore can be used to control and to work on electronic construction parts, circuit boards, jewelry and many more.

- Magnification continuously from 12...75-fold
- Variable height even for larger objects
- Transmitted and reflected light
- Data transfer via USB 2.0
- Simple menu navigation
- Resolution at display 800 x 600 pixels
- 360° mechanically rotating mirror
- With image-recording function
- Compact design
- Easy to navigate
- 8 languages 
- including aluminum carrying case

Technical specifications of the mechanical 3D-microscope PCE-IVM 3D
Display8" LC-display
Resolution800 x 600 pixels
Magnification12 ... 75-fold continuously
Light sourcetransmitted and reflected light continuous levelling
ConnectionsUSB 2.0, AV out
Power Source 100 ... 240 V AC 50 / 60 HZ
System requirementsup from Windows 2000/XP
working heightmin. 10 mm / max. 175 mm
Dimensionsdisplay: 220 x 160 x 100 mm
table: 255 x 155 x 64 mm

Delivery content of the mechanical 3D-microscope PCE-IVM 3D
1 x mechanical 3D-microscope PCE-IVM 3D
1 x USB interface cable
1 x video cable 
1 x power cable 
1 x dust cover 
1 x aluminum carrying case with key
1 x object plate made of glass
1 x contrast plate black / white
1 x backup lamps for reflecting light
1 x backup lamps for transmitting light
1 x backup fuse
1 x cleaning tissues
1 x instruction manual