Microscope B-353FL

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qualitative school microscope / modern and ergonomic stand / trinocular / 
360° rotatable heads with adjustable eye distance / diopter adjustment / 
height adjustable Abbe Condenser with adjustable iris diaphragm
The school microscope B-353FL impresses by its unbeatable cost-performance ratio. Because of the technical appointments and the dependability the school microscope is very suitable for laboratory and educational establishments. The stand of the school microscope consists of the easy and at the same time hard material aluminum and is formed modern and ergonomic. The heads are very comfortable for the user because both the diopter and the eye distance are adjustable. Consequently comfortable work with the school microscope is also possible for wearers of glasses. In addition on the side of the microscope there is a rheostat to conform the light intensity. The light of the school microscope uses the X-LED™ system and is usable for specific applications (FITC-TRITC). The colour temperature approximates to the sunlight, so an analysis is possible which is comparable with one under daylight.

- Abbe condenser with adjustable iris diaphragm
- height adjustable heads
- adjustable eye distance
- X-LED™ System
- with cross table
- trinocular

Technical specifications of the School microscope B-353FL
EyepiecesWF10x / 20 mm
FocusRack and pinion mechanism, with coaxial coarse and fine control knobs. Fine adjustment graduation 0.002 mm. Vertical movement range: 20 mm. Tension control on right side; upper stage drive stop on left side.
CondenserCentrable Abbe condenser with double lens. N.A. 1.25. Fitted with iris diaphragm, blue filter and filter holder. Height adjustment by a rack and pinion mechanism.
HeadTrinocular, 30° inclined, 360° rotating, Diopter adjustment, interpupillary distance adjustment 55 ... 75 mm
ObjectiveIOS Planachromatic 4x/0.1, 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, 40x/0.65 and 100x/1.25 (oil)
Optical systemMechanical tube length: IOS - Infinity Optical System, parfocal distance 45 mm
IlluminationX-LED unit for transmitted light. HBO 100W high pressure mercury bulb for epi-fluorescence. B (FITC) and G (TRITC) filtersets.
StageDouble layer with mechanical sliding stage, 160 x 142 mm; moving range 76 x 52 mm

Delivery content of the School microscope B-353FL
1 x School microscope B-353FL, 1 x user manual