Inverse Biology Microscope XDS-2FL

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Trinocular inverse biology microscope / diopter regulation / with cross table / with removable condenser / for fluorescence analysis / innovative design
Our inverse biology microscope XDS-2 FL is developed for ambitious applications in the fluorescence analysis. The inverse biology microscope also assures by the bright field and phase contrast method. In application the microscope is very user-friendly. The diopter can be adjusted to your need, so that the inverse biology microscope opens the best view. Your microscope is very comfortable for your head form, also for wearer of glasses, because you can adjust the eye distance individual. Furthermore you can change the metallic element for your inverse biology microscope for object plate, petri dishes or for bottles too.

- Trinocular
- Eye distance adjustable              

- 360° rotatable head
- cross table with coaxial controls
- removable condenser
- for applications in fluorescence analysis

Technical specifications of the inverse biology microscope XDS-2 FL
Optical systemInfinity corrected system, 45 mm parafocality distance, Field of view 22 mm
Head. Trinocular30° inclined, 360° rotating.
Interpupillary distance48 - 75 mm. Adjustable dioptric compensation.
Ergonomical head available as option.
EyepiecesExtra-wide field10x/22mm, High-point.
Nosepiece5 positions, with bidirectional rotation on ball bearings and click stop.

Long working distance (LWD) infinity corrected (IOS) planachromatic: 4x/0.10 (working distance 18 mm), 10x/0.25 with phase ring (working distance 10 mm), 20x/0.40 with phase ring (working distance 5.1 mm), 40x/0.60 (working distance 2.6 mm).

Corrected for 1.2 mm coverglass.
Specimen stage

Size: 250 x 230 mm. Translator with lowered ergonomic coaxial controls. X-Y translation: 119 x 70 mm.

Interchangeable metallic inserts for specimen slides, Petri dishes and flasks.
Focusing systemMacro- and micrometric regulation, with coaxial knobs on both sides of the stand. Adjustable friction.

Long working distance condenser, numerical aperture 0.30, working distance 72 mm.

The condenser can be removed in order to increase the working distance to 150 mm.
Brightfield Illumination

X-LED8TM system precentered illuminator, with adjustable intensity,

filter and phase ring holder and aperture diaphragm
Fluorescence IlluminationHBO 100W high pressure mercury bulb, knobs for lamp alignment.
B (FITC) and G (TRITC) filtersets. No other as option.
User recommendationadvanced learner

Delivery content of the Inverse biology microscope XDS-2 FL
1 x Inverse biology microscope XDS-2 FL, 1 x user manual