Fluorescence Microscope XDS-3FL

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Fluorescence microscope with excellent optical quality / two variants /
trinocular / for routine and research applications /
Diopter adjustment / convenient application / LWD and IOS Lenses
The XDS-3FL is a very powerful fluorescence microscope, which is used in both high-quality routine applications, as well as a supplement to the best research microscopes. The fluorescence microscope is characterized by the bright light 30W, together with a complete phase ring set, a photo port and the different carriers for Petri dishes and flasks. By the first-class optical quality and mechanical flexibility the fluorescence microscope XDS-3FL is well equipped for the future. Despite the few control systems, the fluorescence microscope is very versatile. The controls are convenient and comfortable positioned on the fluorescence microscope so they allow easy and enjoyable use. In addition, the fluorescence microscope is offered in two variants with different lighting.

- trinocular
- diopter adjustment
- Routine and research applications
- High-pressure mercury vapor lamp
- Comfortable and practical operation
- 30 ° or 45 ° inclined

Technical specifications of the fluorescence microscope XDS-3FL
Illumination6V/30W pre-centered halogen lamp
brightness adjustable
filter and phase ring bearer
field aperture
Pre-centered X LED8™ system
Auxiliary light with adjustable intensity and aperture
inverted epi-fluorescence:
HBO 100W high pressure mercury vapor lamp
Buttons for lamp adjustment
Blue and green fluorescence filter sets.
Head30° inclined45° inclined
360° rotatable
Adjustable eye distance (48 ... 75 mm)
ergonomic head as accessory
ObjectivesLong working distance (LWD) 
infinity corrected (IOS) 
planachromatic FLUO: 10x/0.25 (working distance 10 mm), 
FLUO 20x/0.40 with phase ring (working distance 5.1 mm), 
FLUO 40x/0.60 (working distance 2.6 mm).
Corrected for 1.2 mm coverglass.
FocusingBilateral coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs
adjustable friction
Optical systemInfinity corrected system, 
45 mm parafocality distance, 
Field of view 22 mm

Long working distance condenser, numerical aperture 0.30, working distance 72 mm.

The condenser can be removed in order to increase the working distance to 150 mm.
EyepiecesExtra-wide field10x/22mm, High-point.
Table250 x 230 mm mechanical stage with coaxial controls
119 x 70mm X / Y movement.
Exchangeable metallic inserts for specimen slides, Petri dishes and flasks.
User recommendationprofessionals

Delivery content of the fluorescence microscope XDS-3FL
1 x fluorescence microscope XDS-3FL, 1 x user manual