HVAC Meter PCE-PDA 1000L

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PCE-PDA 1000L HVAC Meter
Digital pressure meter for measuring relative pressure from -100 ... 2000 kPa / Data logger / MAX MIN HOLD functions / USB interface / Graphic LCD

The relative pressure HVAC meter PCE-PDA 1000L measures the relative pressure on machines and systems. The relative pressure is measured by this HVAC pressure meter in the range between -100 ... 2000 kPa. The relative pressure HVAC meter PCE-PDA 1000L has a quick coupling connection with which the air pressure or water pressure can be directly applied to the device. In addition to the measurement in kPa, many other pressure units are available to the user. The large LCD on the relative pressure meter continuously visualizes the measured values. It is also possible to freeze the maximum or minimum measured value in the display via the Max-Min-Hold function. Likewise, the relative pressure meter in the second display area optionally displays the system temperature or a pressure difference if a leak test has been carried out.

The PCE-PDA 1000L relative pressure HVAC meter has a data logger. The memory has 1024 memory locations. Recordings of up to 255h can be stored in each memory location. To evaluate the stored measured values, software is available to the relative pressure HVAC meter. The HVAC meter for relative pressure is supplied by 2 AA batteries. Here the user can either use batteries or rechargeable batteries. In battery operation, the relative pressure HVAC meter PCE-PDA 1000L can be charged via a micro USB port.

- Graphic LCD
- USB interface
- Data logger
- Relative pressure and vacuum measurement
- Adjustable measuring units
- MAX MIN HOLD functions
- Measured value smoothing
- Integrated temperature measurement
Pressure measuring range -100 ... 2000 kPa relative
Resolution 0.01 kPa, 0.1 kPa
Accuracy <± 0.5% of the measuring range
Nominal pressure 2000 kPa
Overpressure 2000 kPa
Burst pressure 3000 kPa
Media Liquids
Non-explosive gasses
Measuring rate 10 Hz
Measurement units (adjustable) Pa, hPa, kPa, MPa, mbar, bar, ATM, kg / cm², mmH2O, cmH2O, inH2O, mmHg, inHg, Torr, PSI, PSF
Principle Relative pressure
Pressure connections 5 mm (0.2 in) nipple for quick connection
Max, min and hold functions Yes
Data logger 1024 memory slots
1 s ... 255 h recording time per memory location
1 s ... 24 h recording interval
Medium For air and non-explosive gases
Zero correction Yes, with a zero key
Averaging Yes, between 0.1 ... 9.9 s
Display Graphic LCD with backlight
Ingress protection (IP) rating IP41
Power supply 2 x 1.2V NiMh batteries
5V / 500-mA USB power adapter
Current consumption 50-mA (with backlight)
10-mA (without backlight)
Operating temperature 0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F
Storage temperature 10 ... 55°C / 50 ... 131°F
Dimensions 145 x 85 x 35 mm / 5.71 x 3.35 x 1.38 in
Weight Approx. 285 g / < 1 lb

1 x HVAC meter PCE-PDA 1000L
2 x 1.2V NiMh batteries
1 x USB power adapter
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x User manual