Geiger Counter RD 1503

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Geiger Counter Radex RD1503 and RD1503+
Radiation analysis device Radex RD1503 to detect gamma and RD 1503+ gamma - x-ray and beta radiation / Short time of measurement / Alert function via sound or vibratin / Several alarm thresholds / LC Display / Small construction

The radiation analyzer Radex RD1503 is able to measure gamma radiation. The Radex RD1503+ is measuring x-ray and beta radiation. These radiation analyzers are highly sophisticated, reliable and not expensive. A lot of functions are integrated into the radiation analysis device Radex RD1503 / RD1503+. For example several measurement units and levels of alarm as well as adjustments of sounds and illumination can be chosen. Both devices are lightweight and therefore really comfortable. The small and tight construction of the radiation analysis device ensures transportations with less expenses. The long battery lifetime of both radiation analyzers makes operations easier. In comparison to the Radex RD1503 the radiation analyzers Radex1503+ has got an acoustical alarm and a vibration function, too. The alarm will start when the preinstalled alarm threshold will be exceeded. Both radiation analyzers offer a highly legible display and several languages can be chosen

- Detection of gamma radiation
- Adjustable alarm thresholds
- Acoustical signal
- Small and tight
- Fast measurements
- 1 or 2 batteries 1.5 V AAA
- Operating time about 550 hours
- Comfortable usage
- Several languages

Technical data on the Radiation Analyzer Radex RD1503
Broadband of display of dosing rate 0.05 ... 999 µSv/h
Broadband of display of exposition dosing rate 5 ... 999 µRem/h
Range of registered energy
Gamma radiation 0.1 ... 1.25 MeV
X-ray radiation -
Beta radiation -
Reproducability of display
during a supposed feasibility of 95 % / P a dosing rate in µSv/h
Alarm thresholds µSv/h 0.3 / 0.6 / 1.2

Alarm thresholds µRem/h 30 / 60 / 120

Common technical data of the Radiation Analyzer Radex RD1503
Limit value0.31 ... 99.0 µSv/h
Calculation time40 ± 0.5 seconds
Display timeContinuous
Current supplyOne or two AAA batteries 1.5V
Operating time550 hrs.
Dimensions105 x 60 x 26 mm / 4.2 x 2.4 x 1 in 
Weight without batteries90 g / < lb

1 x Radiation analysis device Radex RD1503, 
1 x User's manual
2 x AAA bateries