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Force Gauge PCE-PTR 200N

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PCE-PTR 200N Force gauge for tensile force measurement and pressure force measurement up to 200 N (45 lbs) USB interface and downloadable evaluation software for data transmission / Many measuring adapters

The PCE-PTR 200N force gauge is a hand-held device up to 200 N / 45 lbs. The force measuring device can determine the units N, kg and lb. The PCE-PTR 200N force gauge is supplied with various shaped adapters. These can be screwed onto the device and thus offer the optimum solution for differently designed surfaces in the measurement of pressure and tension. In addition to the adapters, an extension rod is also supplied, which allows measurements in hard to reach places. This extension rod has a length of 65 millimeters / 2.6 inches. The PCE-PTR 200N force gauge includes a flat head adapter, hook adapter, ball head adapter, chisel head adapter, and a notched head adapter, with the hook adapter used for pulling force measurements. 

The PCE-PTR 200N force gauge offers the possibility to attach the force measuring device to a test stand by means of threads on the rear of the device. Test stands are always used in a force gauge if reproducible measurement results are required during the force measurement. These test stands are ideal additions to a force gauge, because they are operated by a precise hand wheel or a motor. In addition, both tensile and compressive force measurements can be performed on them. Experiments in the laboratory are thus possible with the force gauge as well as the inspection at the incoming goods inspection.

Attention: The internal load cell is maintenance-free, light and characterized by extremely long service life. For the production of this load cell only high quality materials are used, which guarantee maximum safety and longevity. The force gauge has an overload range. If you exceed this, you destroy the internal load cell. So if you select a force gauge for your application, then for safety's sake move to the next higher model at the measuring range.


- Differently shaped measuring adapter
- Downloadable evaluation software
- Device for mounting on test stands
- Peak measurement
- Power supply via charging adapter
- Delivery with extension rod
- Evaluation via USB interface
- Fast measured value display


Measuring range

0 ... 200 N / 0 ... 45 lbs

Resolution 0.1 N / 0.02 lbs
Pressure calibration 1 Mpa
Load cell Integrated load cell with M6 connection
Measuring range 1 ... 100% of the full scale
Measurement accuracy ± 0.5%
Units n, kg, lb
Display LCD
Operating temperature 10 ... 30°C / 50 ... 86°F
Relative humidity 15 ... 80% relative humidity
Working conditions The device must not be located near sources of vibration or corrosive substances
Weight 1 kg / 2.2 lbs

Delivery Scope

1 x Dynamometer (Penetrometer) PCE-PTR 200N
1 x Penetration tip Ø 6 mm
1 x Penetration tip Ø 8 mm
1 x Penetration tip Ø 11 mm
1 x Flathead adapter
1 x Hook adapter
1 x Ball head adapter
1 x Chisel head adapter
1 x Notch head adapter
1 x Extension rod (65 mm)
1 x USB cable
1 x Power plug
2 x Locking rings
1 x Equipment case
1 x Software
1 x User manual