Food / Hygiene Temperature Meter PCE-SDD 150

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PCE-SDD 150 Food / Hygiene Temperature Meter
High-temperature food-grade datalogger with 150 mm / 5.91" external sensor
The sterile data logger PCE-SDD find preferred application in the control of sterilization, usually carried out at 120 ° C / 248 ° F, and the pasteurization of at +90 ° C / 194 ° F for the sterilization of food as in Canned and bottled, pharmaceuticals, liquids in the laboratory as well as laboratory equipment and vessels is carried to the culture of microorganisms in medicine and biology. The sterilization data logger PCE-SDD automatically from the measured temperature values to calculate the F0-value, a measure of the time necessary to kill microorganisms, and the Z-value, a measure of the heat resistance of microorganisms. 

The compact sterilization dataloggers made of food material allow the measurement in direct contact with the food, that is, the actual temperature of the product, and not only the environment. Thus, the monitoring of food transport is another area of application. The battery-powered sterilization dataloggers weigh depending on the model between 80 g and 110 g. The waterproof and dustproof casing made of food safe steel 316L has the protection class IP68. There is pressure tight bar up to 10th The compact design of the disc-shaped sterile datalogger makes it possible to position the device even in confined spaces.

To complete the measuring system is the USB kit to connect the sterilization data logger to a PC via the USB interface of the adapter or via its serial interface RS -232 optional. The software is also available on the interface. In addition, a validated Manager Software 21 CFR Part 11 is available.

The ideal sterile data logger for monitoring and recording of temperature values for the food, pharmaceutical / medical and laboratory area.

- High temperature range up to 140 ° C 
- Water and Pressure resistant to 10 bar. 
- IP68 
- Food safe steel AISI316L, PEEK 
- Large data memory for 20,200 readings 
- Logging interval from 1 sec. 
- High measurement accuracy: ± 0.2 ° C
- Battery can be changed independently. 
- Optional with validated software CFR21 Part 11 
- graphics and data easily exportable to Excel 
- Automatic calculation of F0, Z and N-value possible 
- with the TS Manager software allows several traces in a graph represent
- Possibility of validation of autoclaves, incubators and sterilizers. 
- Monitoring of production processes in the food or pharmaceutical industry. 
- Monitors temperature and evaluate the data in dishwashers (bedpan) 
- recording of temperature data in the production of canned food (meat, fish and vegetables) 
- Detailed process and data analysis with Manager software during sterilization and pasteurization possible

Measuring range

-20 ... + 140 ° C / -4 ... 284 ° F(pressure-tight up to 10 bar)


0.01 ° C


± 0.2 ° C in the range + 25 ° C ... + 140 ° C / 77 ° F ... 284 ° F
± 0.5 ° C in the remaining region

IP protection


Storage Capacity

20,200 readings


Disk interface

Battery life

Approximately 1,400,000 measurements in the 1st second intervals 
(calculated time at 25 ° C / 77 ° F runtime at lower
temperatures much shorter)


Food safe AISI316L, PEEK


17.4 + 150 x Ø36mm / 0.64 + 15.9 x Ø1.4in


80g / 2.8oz


External 150mm / 5.9 in


1 x PCE-SDD 150 food / hygiene temperature meter
1 x user manual