Environmental Tester PCE-WL 1

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Wind Speed
Built-in device
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Environmental Tester - PCE-WL 1 mobile wind recorder / SD memory card / ambient temperature: -15 ... +50 º C / with wind speed sensor / battery power / internal temperature sensor

The Environmental Tester PCE-WL 1 is an ideal tool to measure and store the wind speed for a long time. The battery enables you to use the wind recorder in situ. Since a wind power station is an expensive investment, you usually want to know what profits it will generate in advance. The Environmental Tester PCE-WL1 helps determine these profits. The measurement data are recorded on a SD memory card.


The user can select the desired measurement rate (10 s, 1 min or 10 min) from the wind's recorder. The Environmental Tester prepares a file according to the amount of measurements selected once a day or once a month. CSV files stored on the SD memory card of the recorder wind can be transmitted to a computer and imported into a datasheet, e.g. Excel, to be analyzed later. This way, it is possible to determine the optimal location for a wind power station. Meter sensors with isolated contacts, Hall effect devices, TTL signals and output SO-signals can be connected to the two digital inputs. The Environmental Tester has an analog input to record the wind direction. The Environmental Tester is configurated via an RS-232 port. This option allows real-time data transmission.


The wind sensor includes a small set that allows the measurement of the flow direction of the horizontal wind. The dynamic and supportive materials are made of plastic and ensure a safe and almost maintenance-free condition. The resolution of the wind measurement is 0.4 m / s. The L-bracket for mounting that is included in the delivery easily holds the wind sensor. A power supply (this can not be obtained through wind recorder) will allow for a warming (heating) of the device for an optimal performance at low temperatures in winter.

- Robust housing
- Internal temperature sensor
- Internal real time clock
- RS-232 interface for data transmission
- Compact wind sensor with heating
- Battery life up to 1 year
- Data storage card SD memory as a CSV file
- Operating temperature: -15 ... 50 ° C
- Stores average and maximum values
- Resolution: 0.4 m / s

Wind recorder WL 1
Memory SD/MMC (FAT16732) memory card
Power supply 2 x 1.5 V type C batteries
Environmental temperature -15 ... +50 ºC

1 x analog input

2 x digital inputs

Conection port RS 232
Measurement rate 10 seconds, 1 minute or 10 minutes
Format memory card (max. 2 GB)

CSV file, ASCII format

rugged type

Protection type IP 65
Dimensions 160 x 80 x 55 mm
Weight 450 g

Winds sensor
Output 0 ... 100 Hz en 70 m/s
Measurement range 0,8 ... 40 m/s
Accuracy ±0,5 m/s 5% of the measurement value
Charge max. 60 m/s in the short term
Contact classification 10 VA, max. 42 V DC max. 0,4 A
Mount with support bracket
Heating max. 24 V DC/AC, max.1 A
Environmental temperature -25 ... +60 ºC (frost free)
Cable length 3 m; LIYY 4 x 0,5 mm²
Dimensions 134 x 160 mm
Weight aprox. 300 g

1 x Environmental Tester PCE-WL 1
1 x Wind Speed Sensor
1 x 256 MB SD Memory Card
1 x L bracket for mount
2 x
1 x user manual