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Environmental Meter PCE-RCM 02

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Environmental Meter / PM1, PM2.5, PM10 / measurement of CO2, formaldehyde, TVOC, temperature and room humidity / WiFi connection / data retrievable via app / USB-C interface / battery status display

Our Environmental Meter is the ideal solution for monitoring air quality in homes, businesses or public buildings. The Environmental Meter impresses with its modern design and compact size. This makes it versatile and easy to use.

Various measurement parameters such as CO2, formaldehyde and TVOC can be read on the 3.5-inch LC display. In addition, the Environmental Meter displays room temperature and humidity and measures particulate matter (PM 1 / PM 2.5 / PM 10). The display uses three colours - green, orange and red - to show the user immediately when the values become critical. The Environmental Meter enables a Wi-Fi connection with other devices and allows the user to make individual settings via the Smart Life app. Thanks to the Smart Life app, the Environmental Meter can be accessed from anywhere. In addition, the data can be called up as values and displayed as a curve. This data shows the progression of the measurements and can be called up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This allows the user to track the development of air quality over a certain period of time.

The Environmental Meter is also equipped with a wake-up sensor. This wakes up the display from sleep mode when approached or by waving. This function can be deactivated in the app. The brightness of the display cannot be adjusted to increase the battery life. The same data is sent to the smartphone for evaluation. The operating time with a fully charged battery is approx. 4 hours.


- LCD screen 3.5"
- WiFi connection
- data retrievable via app
- wake - up sensor
- battery rechargeable via USB-C
- compact size
- modern design
- fine dust measurement (PM 1 / PM2.5 / PM10)
- measurement of CO2, formaldehyde, TVOC
- adjustable alarm for CO2 and PM2.5


Measurement range up to  400 ... 5000 ppm
Resolution  1 ppm
Accuracy  ± (50 ppm + 5 % of Rd)
Relative humidity 
Measurement range up to  0 ... 99 % RH
Resolution  1 % RH
Accuracy  ± 5% r. F.
Measurement range up to  0 ... 1,999 mg/m³
Resolution  0,001 mg/m³
Accuracy  15 % of Rd
Measurement range up to  0 ... 1000 µg/m³
Resolution  1 µg/m³
Accuracy  ±10 μg/m³ (0 ... 100 μg/m³)
±10 % of Rd (0 ... 500 μg/m³)
Measuring channel sizes  1.0, PM2,5, PM10
Measurement range up to  0 ... 9,999 mg/m³
Resolution  0,001 mg/m³
Accuracy  15 % of Rd
Measurement range up to  0 ... 50 °C
Resolution  1 °C
Accuracy  ±1 °C
General technical data 
Display type  LCD
Display size  3,5 Inch
Interface  USB-C
Alarm  optical, Acoustic
Sensors  NDIR, Semiconductor TVOC, Laser scattered light
Menu language  German, English
Protection class (device)  IP20
Power supply  5 V DC, 2 A
Weight  107 g
Operating conditions  0 ... 50 °C , 0 ... 99 % r.F
Storage conditions  0 ... 50 °C , 0 ... 99 % r.F
Capacity  5 V DC, 2 A
Dimensions ( L x W x H )  85 x 70 x 35 mm

Delivery Scope

1 x PCE-RCM 02 Environmental Meter
1 x USB-C cable
1 x user manual
The Smart Life app can be downloaded from the store.