Temperature and Humidity Museum Data Logger PCE-HT 120

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PCE-HT 120
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Temperature and Humidity Museum Data Logger with WiFi

WIFI / WLAN and Ethernet interface / LCD display mains operation (AC power adapter) / External PT1000

The WLAN museum data logger is used to measure temperature and humidity. The measurement data from the logger are displayed in an app on the tablet or smartphone and the display. In addition to measuring air temperature and humidity, the WLAN museum data logger calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature. Furthermore, a PT1000 sensor can be connected via a socket.

The WLAN museum data logger communicates via radio or cable connection. There are several WIFI encryption methods available. The Wi-Fi logger has 2 connection modes. So it is possible to use the wireless device as an access point or as a client in the network. For direct connection an RS232 interface is available on the WLAN logger. The instrument is operated with the plug-in power supply included in the delivery.


Humidity and air temperature – these are those decisive factors that may significantly influence the environment and well-being in this environment. The museum data logger and humidity detector is one of a few devices from the range of humidity detectors manufactured by PCE Instruments, that helps the users to absolutely precisely and quickly find out whether the conditions in a certain room, area, facility correspond to the required standards. This data logger finds its application in many areas where fluctuations of the most important parameters like humidity level and temperature are not just a matter of comfort, but are of a paramount importance like in a museum. Not always it goes about only well-being of humans, which is for sure very important, that is why all the HVAC systems should be monitored and checked regularly. Many things which people need and use in their daily life, that are essentially important or bring esthetical pleasure, or are of historical value are in direct dependence on the conditions under which they are stored, transported or used.

Pieces of art may be very different: they may be made of wood (unique handmade pieces of furniture like breakfronts or chairs), of clay or marble, with gems incrustations, painted, woven, like tapestries and many others. Many of them date back to the previous centuries and are a national heritage. When we come to the museum, we rarely think about anything but masterpieces that are on display. The work behind is usually not seen, but it does not make it less important. A careful visitor may notice small boxes on the walls or shelves that are located in each room, each gallery, museum hall and corridors. These boxes are modern museum “helpers”, which carry out tireless data monitoring and control of the ambient conditions. Professional art collectors know it very well that acquiring a wonderful rare object is very nice, but a certain investment should also be made into the creation of appropriate conditions there where his possessions will be placed. All the rare and unique pieces of art must be kept in a special microclimate and it is much more defined and strictly limited. Different people may have different attitude and opinion about what good temperature and humidity values are. The fluctuations from the recommended by the Health Organizations norms are often not that critical. This cannot be said about museum. The slightest fluctuations in the humidity and air temperature levels may be devastating and lead to the decay process. Data logger not only monitors and collects the data, it gives notifications about deviations from the set limits. For each season, and each room in the museum and for each collection there are safe permissible limits for the ambient parameters.

What may happen if a museum data logger is not used? A short answer is – loss of priceless exhibits so that even professionals in the restoration rooms will be helpless. In detail, the deviations from the norms caused by excessive heating, insufficient ventilation, may be numerous: bacteria growth, molding processes, loss of colour if it goes about fabrics, loss of shape, cracks, brittleness from excessive humidity or, on the contrary, excessive dryness (wood, textiles, ceramics, glass, leather, paint). Applications of data loggers gives a very clear about the microclimate in the museum, storage room, restauration workshop and based on this knowledge the maintenance staff can take the required steps to correct the situation, if necessary, for example, regulate the HVAC system in the building, apply thermal insulation for the ceiling, walls, introduce strict vising policy.

The advantage of applying a museum data logger is that the device provides data collection at the sampling rate selected by the user, and all the data can be all organized by date and time. It does not require any special training to operate the device. Once calibrated, adjusted and mounted, it may start working continuously. The small technical “guardian” is not afraid of the humidity and temperature fluctuations and can resist the conditions which the masterpieces cannot.

- Museum data logger with WIFI
- LCD Display
- Access point and client mode
- Connection with tablet and smartphone
- Wireless and EtherNet interface
- Connection for external PT1000 sensor
Measuring functionHumidity
Measuring range5 ... 95% RH
Resolution0.1% RH
Accuracy< 70% RH: 3% RH
 > 0% RH: ± (3% of rdg. + 1% RH)
Measuring functionTemperature
Measuring range0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F
Resolution0.1°C / 0.18°F
Accuracy± 0.8°C / 1.44°F
Measuring function  Dew point
Measuring range-25.3 ... 49°C / -13.5 ... 120°F
Resolution0.1°C / 0.18°F
Measuring functionWet bulb temperature
Measuring range-5.4 ... 49°C / 22.3 ... 120.2°F
Measuring functionPT1000
Measuring range-10 ... 70°C / 14 ... 158°F
Resolution0.1°C / 0.18°F
Accuracy± 1.2°C / 2.2°F
DisplayLC display
InterfacesRS232 (SOFT-LUT-USB optional)
EthernetWLAN / WIFI
Wifi interfaceIEEE 802.11b / g / n
 2,412 ... 2,484 GHz
Wifi connection types        
Access Point
 Client mode
Encryption types    64, 128, 512 bits
Power supplyPower supply 9V / 1 A
Current consumptionAbout 170-mA
Operating conditions0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F, max. 80% RH
Dimensions134 x 80 x 32 mm / 5.3 x 3.1 x 1.3 in 
WeightAbout 222 g / < 1 lb

1 x Temperature and Humidity museum data logger PCE-HT 120
1 x Wall holder
1 x Power adapter 9V / 1A
1 x Country adapter
1 x User manual