Condition Monitoring Wireless Vibration Sensor PCE-VMS 501

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PCE-VMS 501 wireless Vibration Sensor to measure acceleration, speed, offset, and temperature / optional extension: max. 60 dispatchers per base with max. 6 base stations (360 dispatchers)


The wireless PCE-VMS 501 Vibration Sensor detects vibration within an acceleration range of up to 30 g and a frequency range between 5 and 10 KHz. The wireless Vibration Sensor features external vibration sensors which measure vibrations on machines and transfer those measurements wirelessly to a receiving unit. The sensors can be easily attached to a machine due to their magnetic base. Not only do the sensors measure vibrations and transfer the measurements to a computer, but the sensors also recognize temperatures between -20 °C and +120 °C. While operating, the communicating server of the PCE-VMS 504 Vibration Monitor sends the measured parameters straight to a receiving unit, which then uploads the received data straight to a server. If the system cannot establish a connection with the server, the measurements are temporarily saved on the receiving unit until a server-connection could be re-established. A main advantage of the wireless Vibration Monitor is that there are no wires, so that the set-up of the system is very quick and easy, and the wireless Vibration Monitor is able to record vibrations over a longer period of time.

- Wireless communication via ZigBee
- Frequency range between 5 Hz and 10 kHz
- Wireless transferring Piezo sensors
- Large radius of coverage
- Can be extended at any time
- Dispatcher IP 65 protected
- Temperature measurement up to 120 °C
- Data memory (receiving base) 128 MB
- Long battery lifetime 
- No extensive wiring required

Transmitter range

Max. 100 m in industrial environment (130 m in free field)

acceleration range

up to 300 m / s²

frequency range5 Hz ... 10 KHz
resonant frequency

16 kHz

linearity1 %


Electric Isolation

<108 Ω

load limit

1000 g

measurement parametersAcceleration, speed, displacement, temperature
transmission intervalminute 1 min. Per sensor 
1 sensor on a box = 1 minute, 
3 sensors on a box = 3 minutes
A / D conversion24 bits
Waveform measurement rangeMax. 512 kB
frequency lines800, 1600, 3200, 6400
Temperature measuring range-20 ... +120 ° C
screw thread6 mm
housing materialFloor 316 L stainless steel, 
top aluminum alloy
power supply1 x 3.6 V lithium battery (ER 34335)
Battery life1 year, depending on the transmission interval
DimensionsHeight: 80 mm 
Diameter: 40 mm
mass217 g
protection classIP65
working temperature-30 ... +70 ° C 
(surface temperature up to 125 ° C)

1 x vibration sensor PCE-VMS 501 
1 x magnetic base (Ø 20 mm) 
1 x battery pack (service life 1 year)