Carbon Dioxide Meter Indicator Gasmaster

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Stationary Carbon Monoxide Meter Indicator (with ATEX- permission) for adaptation of gas sensors for O2, O3,O2, O3, CO, CO2, NH3, H2S…
The gasmaster is a carbon Monoxide meter indicator / gas warning station/ gas warning control centre with a large display. This gas warning station is purchasable in a 1- and a 4- channel version as well as with a PC-interface. Even the gasmaster is equipped with two alarm relays, due to which e.g. signal lamps/ -horns or ventilators can be operated. The adaptable ATEX- approved gas sensors are available here as well: for flammable gasses (EX), oxygen and toxic gasses (TOX). The gas sensors are divided according to the gas, the functionality (e.g. with analogue-, relay- output…) or the display type. Thus there are sensors with an integrated display (as a local display) or without a display. There are gas sensors for nearly every gas to select: methane, propane, butane, pentane, LPG, ethanol, ethylene, hydrogen, acetylene, benzenes (unleaded), phosphine, oxygen, ozone, chlorine, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, ammoniac, … (more gasses on request please). Systems of gas warning stations and gas warning sensors will be always delivered completely configured, calibrated and tested before delivery.

Technical Data about the Adaptable Sensors for the Carbon Monoxide Meter Indicator
Gas sensor typeXgard-Typ 1Xgard-Typ 5TCgard
Applicable in EX-zones0,1,2 1,2 1,2 
Detectable gasses (matching reference number for designated gas type you will find in our onlineshop) with the respective measuring range0 ... 25 vol% O2
0 ... 2000 ppm H2
0 … 4 vol% H2
= (100% LFL)
0 ... 250 ppm CO
0 … 50 ppm 
0 … 5 ppm CI
0 ... 1 ppm O3
0 ... 10 ppm SO2
0 …1 ppm PH3
0 ...100 % LFL flammable gasses (methane, propane, butane, pentane, LPG, ethanol, ethylene, ...)0 ... 100 vol% methane
0 ... 100 vol% CO2
Accuracy ±3 %±3 %±3 %
Display- - - - - - - - - 
Signal output2 conductors
4 ... 20 mA
3 conductors
4 ... 20 mA
3 conductors
4 ... 20 mA
Alarm- /switch relays- - -- - -- - -
Standardization current ATEX current ATEX current ATEX 
Power Supply8 ... 30 V DC / 24 mA 8 ... 30 V DC / 24 mA 10 ... 30 V DC /24 mA 
Temperature range-20 ... +50 °C-40 ... +55 °C+10 ... +30 °C
Weightapprox. 1 kgapprox. 1 kgapprox. 4 kg
Technical data about gas warning station of Xgard type (with infrared- measuring principle)
Gas sensor typeXgard IR (infrared)Additional equipment for Xgard IR

Applicable in EX- zone

1.2, 21/22

Detectable gas (matching reference number for designated gas type you will find in our onlineshop) with according range

0 ... 2 % CO2
0 ... 5 % CO2
(depending on sensor)
0 ...100 % LFL flammable gasses (methane, propane, butane, pentane, LPG, ethanol, ethylene, ...)


±2 % (whole range)



Signal output

4 ... 20 mA (3-wire)

Alarm- / Switch- Relays



current ATEX/ UL


IP65/IP66 with waterproof cap

Power Supply

10 ... 30 V DC / 50 mA

Temperature range

-20 ... +50 °C


156 x 166 x 111 mm


1 kg (aluminium- enclosure)

The reaction time of the IR gas warning station is about T90 <30 sec. and the zero drift round about ±2 % per month. So that the measuring data can be determined with high accuracy and for purposes of outer protection of the gas warning station, some optional purchasableprotectors are eligible. Depending on the  installation location the additional sun protector  is reasonable. If thesensors operate outdoors or in rooms or halls that are often being cleaned with water or that are occasionally being fumigated, the extra capsuled deflector against water yet is recommendable. For very humid room conditions and offshore application as well as installation on ships, a combination between gas warning station and weather-proof protection cap is recommendable. For the site identification of light gasses (e.g. methane) the collector taper is used preferably, that works like a cap and alleviates the gas supply for the gas sensor. Please review the matching solution with our technicians or use our contact form.

Advantage over conventional gas sensors:
A large advantage the IR- gas sensor holds is its product life (>5 years) and its low long-term drift, which lowers the annual calibration charges to zero. Furthermore sensors of this type are equipped with complete temperature compensation. The ATEX, UL and IECEx certification allows an application worldwide.

Technical Data about Adaptable Sensors Type TXgard for the Gas Warning Station
Gas sensor typeTXgard-IS+TXgard-PlusFlamgard-Plus
Applicable in EX-zone0, 1, 21, 21, 2
Detectable gasses (matching reference number for designated gas type you will find in our online shop) with according range.0 …25 vol% O2
0 … 500 ppm CO
0 ... 50 ppm H2S
0 … 1 ppm O3
0 … 2 ppm PH3
0 ... 25 vol% O2
0 ... 50 ppm H2S
0 … 500 ppm CO
0 … 50 ppm NH3
0 ...100 % LFL flammable gasses (hydrogen, methane, propane, butane, pentane, ethanol, ethy-
lene, ...)
Accuracy±3 %±3 %±3 %
Signal output2 conductors
4….20 mA
3 conductors
4….20 mA
3 conductors
4…. 20 mA
Alarm/ Switch relays---yesyes
Standardisationcurrent ATEXcurrent ATEXcurrent ATEX
Power Supply11 ... 30 V DC /
20 mA
10 ... 30 V DC /
210 mA
10 ... 30 V DC /
210 mA
Temperature range-20 ... +50 °C-10 ... +55 °C-10 ... +55 °C
Weight0.7 kg2.2 kg2.2 kg
Technical Data for Gas Warning Station Gasmaster (for 1-4 Gas Sensors)
Digital display and control unit for gas sensors shown above. The gas warning station gasmaster is deliverable in two models. GM-1 for an Input sensor and GM-4 for up to 4 gas sensors (simultaneous display of all 4 measuring datas). Those two types are besides the standard analogue output even purchasable with an additional RS-232-data interface. Furthermore the device is equipped with relay outputs e.g. for activation of an all-round warning light. The enclosure is dust- and waterjet- proof. The gas warning station is further equipped with a standard backup-battery in order to operate even during power outage. 
Sensor input1 input for one gas sensor4 inputs for 4 gas sensors
Output   - relay output (250 VAC / 8 A), 
       - 1 analogue output (4 ... 20 mA),
- 1 digital RS-485, 
-1 optional digital RS-232
      - 4 relay outputs       (250 VAC / 8 A),
- 4 analogue outputs (4…20 mA), 
-1 digital RS-485, 
-1 optional digital RS-232
Data storageFor 300 processes (alarms, system errors, settings alternation)
Alarm indicators- Digital display for a gas in ppb, ppm or %, - background lightening,   - LEDs for alarm, ready-to-operate and error- Digital display for 4 gasses in ppb, ppm or %,
- background lightening, - LEDs for alarm, ready-to-operate and error
Alarm indicatorsacoustic: 85 dB beep
visual: Alarm-LEDs
Operating temperature range-10 ... +50 °C
Operating humidity range0 ... 95 % RH (non condensing)
Power supply90 ... 264 VAC / 50 ... 60 Hz
Backup battery1.2 Ah
Enclosure materialframe with stainless steel/ front with ABS
Measures288 x 278 x 10 mm
Weight4.5 kg
StandardisationEN 50270 (EMC), EN 61010-1 low voltage
ProtectionIP 54

Delivery Content
Carbon Monoxide Meter Indicator Gasmaster (GM-1 or GM-4): device with instruction manual
Sensors (additional): all gas sensors are delivered calibrated, including calibration paper and operating instruction