Automotive Tester / Brake Fluid Tester PCE-BFT 2

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Brake Fluid Tester for quick and easy determination of quality / For professional use / Display on LC display / Alarm sound / Bar graph display

This practical and handy brake fluid tester in pen form should not be missing in any car or hobby workshop. With the brake fluid tester, the water content in the brake fluid can be checked quickly and precisely. The LC display shows exactly the water content in the brake fluid. So it can be recognized exactly when the brake fluid must be changed. 

An adjustment of the brake fluid tester is also possible. A regular check of the quality of the brake fluid is for your safety. Due to the hygroscopic properties of brake fluids, water continuously accumulates in the system. Already from a share of 3 percent threatens the total failure of the brake system.

Driving a vehicle has become a trivial and ordinary thing, the vehicles are getting more and more modern and technologically developed, and more and more people are getting their license being very young. Safe car is not only the task of the manufacturer. Some part of responsibility is on the driver. It is a pity, but as it often happens in life, the desirable and recommended behaviour is so much different from the one in reality. With the time, responsibility fades away and while enjoying the process of driving, the drivers forget that their car needs regular and very careful “check-up”. Auto-service is expected to be the place to go when the car should be examined, but there are certain things that each driver can carry out at home, and checking the brake fluid is one of them.  Brake system is quite an important thing, is not it? Nevertheless, how often the idea of checking and changing the brake fluid does not even occur to the driver. With a small and nice-looking brake fluid tester, each driver can quickly find out what is going on with one of the most important systems in the body of the car.

The main problem is that with the time the brake fluid absorbs water, or better to say, humidity, out of the air. If the fluid is not very old and there is no evident sediment or turbidity, it will be impossible to detect how much water it contains without a helpful brake fluid tester, like PCE-BFT 2. In no time at all, the result is provided for the driver. From the one side, it helps to save money by not changing the good fluid for no reason, but from the other – it may be very good timely indication and prevention of quite dangerous situations which may occur in case of brake system failure. Water content should not be big at all to cause malfunctions and 4-5% may have horrible consequences.  So, it does not make sense to neglect the regular self-carried-out checks and application of the brake fluid tester is, for sure, the right decision if safety and reliable driving is on the top of the priority list.   

- To determine the quality of the brake fluid
- LCD for display
- Adjustment of the brake fluid tester possible
- For professional use
- Fast and accurate results
- Suitable for DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1
Testable brake fluids DOT3
  DOT 5.1
View brake fluid quality        < 0.1%: Excellent quality
  < 1%: Good quality
  < 2.5%: Acceptable quality
  > 3%: poor quality,
  Liquid must be exchanged
Display LC display with lighting
Alarm Acoustic alarm sound
Automatic shutdown After 6 minutes
Power supply 4 x 1.5V AAA battery
Operating conditions    -10 ... 50 °C / 14 ... 122 °F
Dimensions Sensor length: about 190 mm / 7.5 in
  Display device: 160 x 37 x 34 mm / 6.3 x 1.5 x 1.3 in   
Weight About 155 g / < 1 lb

1 x Brake Fluid Tester PCE-BFT 2
4 x 1.5V AAA battery
1 x Carrying case
1 x User manual