Anemometer PCE-WSAC 50-811

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ISO Calibration

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PCE-WSAC 50-811
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Cup vane
Up to 50 m/s
Yes (optional RS-485 modbus)
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PCE-WSAC 50-811 Anemometer
Pre-alarm and full alarm / Optional RS-485 modbus interface / Displays current wind speed and average wind speed of last 2 and 5 minutes

PCE-WSAC 50 is an airflow meter alarm controller that displays the current wind speed as well as the average wind speed of the last 2 and 5 minutes. A pre-alarm and full alarm can be activated based on preset values. If wind speeds are higher than the preset values, a pre-alarm is first applied before the full alarm is issued. Both alarms are delivered visually and audibly. If the pre-alarm is triggered, a yellow LED will flash on the front of the unit and a beep will periodically be emitted as a warning tone. If the full alarm is triggered, a red LED will flash on the front of the unit and a beep will continuously be emitted.

PCE-WSAC 50 allows measurement of the slightest of wind movements. This airflow meter alarm controller is used for a variety of wind monitoring applications in industries such as construction, mining, renewable energy and manufacturing. If necessary, a relay can also be connected to the controller.

***Sensors sold separately***

- Pre-alarm and full alarm with visual and audible warnings
- Allows measurement of the slightest wind movements
- Power supply: 115 V AC
- Signal input: 4...20 mA
- Optional interface: RS-485 modbus
- Bright, easy-to-read LED display
- Simple to use

Power supply 115 V AC

Supply voltage for sensors (output) 12 V DC
24 V DC
Measuring range0 ... 110 mph
Measuring accuracy ± 3% of measuring range
Signal input  4 ... 20 mA

Alarm relay
2 NO/NC relays with max. load of 220 V AC / 10 A
Optional interface RS-485 modbus
Operating temperature -20 ... +60 °C / -4 ... +140 °F
Dimensions 197.5 x 90 x 45 mm / 7.7 x 3.5 x 1.7"
Weight Approx. 400 g / 0.89 lb

***Sensors sold separately***

1 x PCE-WSAC 50-811 Anemometer
1 x user manual
1 x ISO Calibration certificate

***Sensors sold separately***