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Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 1

Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 1
Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 1 Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 1 Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 1 Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 1

Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 1

Order no.: PCE-PMI 1
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GTIN (EAN) 4250348707239
Order no. PCE-PMI 1
Content 1 pc.
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Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 1 for non- destructive material moisture measurement / measuring method is the electrical resistance in the material / moisture measurements of concrete, wood, plaster, mortar etc. / max-, min- and hold-function 
The PCE-PMI 1 Moisture Meter is ideally suited for local control at wood yards, building lots, or in the house. The Moisture Meter enables fast and reliable determination of the moisture content of wood and building materials. The battery-powered device is preferably used when the surface of the material must not be damaged during measurements of the moisture content. This measurement method also allows repeated measurements at the same place. Preferred applications for the Moisture Meter are building lots, timber, and the tool trade, as well as sanitary facilities. The Moisture Meter has an important role in the non-destructive control of wall drying. In new buildings, the masonry has to be dry before plastering. Otherwise the walls cannot release sufficient moisture. In older buildings with poorly insulated walls, the Moisture Meter helps you find damp places. The most important uses of the Moisture Meter include mold detection, heating, and ventilation. In the wood processing industry and forestry, the Moisture Meter is used to determine the moisture of wood. The drying status is critical to the further use and therefore the value of the wood. The housing of impact-resistant plastic protects the hand-held device when used in harsh environments: building lots, in the woods, or in machine shops. The operation of the PCE-PMI 1 Moisture Meter is very simple and easy to use. A light touch of the material with the measuring ball is enough to measure degrees of moisture up to 40 mm deep into the object without damaging it. After pressing the yellow button, the measured values appear in the display in comfortabley large numbers. These are, due to the backlighting, easy to read even in low light conditions. The min-max function saves peak values for different measurements. The ergonomically designed PCM-PMI 1 Moisture Meter with its four different colored buttons is user-friendly and intuitive usable. The PCE-PMI 1 Moisture Meter measures the electrical resistance of the material for determining its moisture content. The measured value is shown in the measuring range from 0 up to 100 digits on the display.

- Impact-resistant plastic 
- Sensor type metal spheroid
- Penetration depth of 20-40 mm 
- Selectable LCD backlight 
- Auto-off-function
- The measuring principle is the electrical resistance of the material
- Moisture measurements of concrete, wood,plaster, mortar, etc.
- Min-Max-function
- Hold-function
- Material moisture measurements without
damaging the surface
Technical Specifications
Measuring range 0 ... 100 digits
Resolution 1 digit
Penetration depth 20 ... 40 mm
Measuring principleCapacitive (electrical resistance)
Sensor type Metal spheroid
Display LCD Display
Battery 1 x 9-V Battery
Dimensions 180 mm x 45 mm x 35 mm
7.1 in x 1.8 in  1.4 in
Weight 180 g / 0.40 lbs

Delivery Contents 1 x Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 1
1 x Battery
1 x Manual description

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