Multiposition Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 405

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Multi Position Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 405 with heater

Magnetic stirrer with heating up to 400 ml / 5 stirring points / Adjustable up to 1500 rpm / Temperature control up to 120°C

With the multipoint magnetic stirrer with an integrated heating, several liquids can be simultaneously heated and mixed separately from each other. The plate of the multi position magnetic stirrer also functions as a heater. In this way, the liquids placed in the appropriate beakers can be quickly mixed as needed and simultaneously heated up to 120 degrees Celsius. The multi-position magnetic stirrer therefore offers a practical and meaningful combination of heating and / or stirring, since different media change their properties alongside with the temperature variations.

A multi-position magnetic stirrer of this design mixes a wide variety of media at the same time, on several consecutively connected bases. A magnetic stirring bar, the so-called stirring flea, is immersed in a container with liquid, usually a beaker or Erlenmeyer flask, on the plate. This stirring flea follows the induction surfaces and thus brings the liquid in motion.

In order to work with several liquids during a laboratory test, the multi-position magnetic stirrer is equipped with a large positioning plate (456 x 118 mm). This means that up to five stirring points can be used simultaneously. Multiposition Magnetic Stirrer in the laboratory.The maximum volume per stirring point is 400 ml. Thus, the multi-position magnetic stirrer allows the user to simultaneously mix 2000 ml of liquid in beakers on five stirring points in total. In addition, on demand, the heating temperature of the multi-position magnetic stirrer with a heating capacity of up to 375 Watt can be adjusted step by step. In order to be able to regulate the temperature exactly, the temperature of the stirring field can be regulated in practically 1-degree steps. In the vessel, the liquid quickly adapts to the set temperature due to the stirring movement.

The stirring speed of the multi-position magnetic stirrer itself can be adjusted within the range of 300 ... 1500 rpm. The user has the possibility to adjust the speed in steps of 10 rpm. In addition, the functions of the multi-position magnetic stirrer enable the user to carry out time-controlled mixing processes. The exact stirring time can be defined in advance via a timer function. The multi-position magnetic stirrer switches off automatically after this time. In addition, the multi-position magnetic stirrer has a pulse-mode function that optimizes the mixing of media through the mix cycles. In this function, the direction of rotation changes in defined cycles regularly from the rotation clockwise to the rotation counter clockwise.

The manufacturer has also equipped the multi-position magnetic stirrer, which can be operated with 230 V and 110 V mains voltage, with a low-wear brushless motor, which makes the device extremely durable. Via an interface, the multi-position magnetic stirrer from PCE-Instruments can be connected to a computer for the data exchange.

Applications of a multi-position magnetic stirrer

Magnetic stirrers, ideal for mixing and tempering liquids, belong to the standard equipment in many laboratories. The multi-position magnetic stirrer from PCE Instruments is low-maintenance, compact and flexible in its application. Its robust construction makes the multi-position magnetic stirrer a versatile laboratory device, which is also ideal for continuous operation. The ease of use and the practical combination of heating and mixing make it indispensable in many applications in chemistry, teaching and research.

As accessory to the multi-position magnetic stirrer, the manufacturer PCE Instruments provides suitable magnetic stirring bars.

- 5 stirring points
- Adjustable up to 1500 rpm
- Maximum 120°C / 248°F
- Stirrable 5 x 400 ml
- Timer and pulse function

Drive the stirring pointsBrushless motors
Number of stirring points5
Max. Stirring quantity400 ml per stirring point
 2000 ml total
Adjustable speed 300 ... 1500 rpm
Accuracy speed10 RPM
Heating temperatureAmbient temperature ... 120°C / 248°F
Accuracy temperature± 1°C / 1.8°F
Timer range1 ... 999 minutes - infinity
Recommended length of stirring rods    25 mm
Dimensions stirring field456 x 118 mm / 18 x 4.6 in
Heating capacity330 W (110 V) 375 W (220 V)
Protection class IP 42
Operating conditions 5 ... 40°C / 41 ... 104°F, max. 80 rf
Power supply / 110V AC / 3.6A 220V AC / 1.7A
Current consumption  
Input 400W
Dimensions 565 x 136 x 75 mm / 22.2 x 5.4 x 3 in
Weight About 3 kg / 6.6 lbs


1 x Laboratory stirrer PCE-MSR 405
1 x 25 mm stirring bar
1 x Connecting cable
1 x User manual