Color Matching Cabinet GTI MM-4e

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Colour evaluation box for colour comparison / evaluation of colours under D65, A, TL84, UV and TL 83 light sources / hours counter for standard illuminant / large area to view / complies with ASTM D1729 standards

This GTI MM-4e colour viewing box enables you to visually measure and compare colours with the help of five different light sources. This makes a very accurate simulation possible to make sure that the results can be analysed as precisely as possible. This means that the lighting situation can be clearly depicted and metamerism can be detected. The light unit can be selected at the digital switchgear unit of the colour viewing box. The device can be easily programmed by entering a process frequency which can be activated by pressing a key.


This automatic process frequency enables you to set a fixed viewing time for each type of light to make sure that the process is always the same. This colour viewing box is used wherever goods of equal colours are produced as colour equality is an important factor when it comes to constant quality, no matter where these products are used. Therefore, the GTI MM-4e can simulate different types of daylight to avoid metamersim. The included hours counter for the standard illuminant displays the hours the fluorescent tubes have been in use and the hours left to use the tubes.

- colour evaluation under different light sources
- complies with ASTM D1729 standards
- with electronic light automatism
- including hours counter for standard illuminant
- hygienic and low-maintenance case
- large illuminated area of the objects

Daylight D65
Shop light TL84
House light incandescent light A
Option TL83
Ultraviolet UV
Illuminance at bottom of chamber approx. 1200 lux

1 x colour viewing box GTI MM-4e
1 x manual