Color Matching Cabinet GTI MM-2eUV

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Color Matching Cabinet for comparison of colours / evaluation of the colour under D65, A, TL84 and on request UV (GTI MM-2eUV model) light sources / quick and easy installation / complies with ASM D1729 standards

A colour viewing box enables the user to make direct colour measurements of goods which are planned to be produced or which are being produced already. Therefore, colour measurements by means of a colour viewing box are crucial for companies that wish to offer products of high and constant quality. This colour viewing box supports up to four different light sources, depending on the model. The pre-defined light sources are simulated by means of the lamps inside the colour viewing box during the measurement. This makes it possible to prevent metamerism, for example, before serial production of an item is started. Furthermore, colour viewing boxes form an important part of quality assurance.


You can even check whether the colour values are still within the pre-defined limits. This means that metamerism is to be prevented by using colour viewing boxes. Generally, metamersim means that equal colours can look different under different lighting conditions. In case of the GTI MM-2e colour viewing box, you have the option to obtain the GTI-MM-2eUV edition which includes the UV light as an additional function. However, you must bear in mind that this is only absolutely necessary if you wish to test artificial brightening agents in the material or make them visible. If this is not the case, the edition equipped with three light sources is sufficient.

- colour evaluation with different light sources
- optionally available with UV light
- complies with ASTM D1729 standards
- neutral Munsell N8 painting
- fluent transition between the light sources
- large illuminated area of the objects

Standard illuminant D65                          

Office light             TL84                              

House light           A                                

Illuminance at bottom of chamber   approx. 1200 lux                                

1 x colour viewing box GTI MM-2eUV
1 x manual