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Order no.: PCE-CFE 100

The microcentrifuge PCE-CFE 100 is a quiet, durable and cost-effective means of centrifugation of liquids. This centrifugation is carried out in micro and PCR tubes in microbiological laboratories.

- Compact design
- Quiet and low-vibration operation
- Supplied with fixed angle and butterfly rotor
- Fixed speed of 6000 rpm - 1


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-CFE 200

PCE-CFE 200 is a compact, programmable micro-centrifuge for laboratory benchtop use. This vital piece of lab equipment spins liquid samples at high speeds to separate particles or macromolecules from suspensions and solutions. Equipped with a variety of important safety features, this space-saving centrifuge:

- Offers a rotational speed of 500 ... 15,000 rpm
- Contains a fixed angle rotor for 12 x 2 ml microtubes
- Includes an adapter for 0.2, 0.4 and 0.5 ml PCR tubes


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments