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Piece Counting Scale PCE-BSH 6000

Piece Counting Scale PCE-BSH 6000
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GTIN (EAN) 4250348700605
Order no. PCE-BSH 6000
Content 1 pc.
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  Piece Counting Scale PCE-BSH-6000
High-accuracy Compact Scale with calibration, weight range of
6 kg,
selectable weight units (
g, kg, oz, lb, ozt, ct...), pieces counting function,
RS-232 interface and optional software

The Piece Counting Scale provides you a large weighing range and have a high accuracy. This Piece Counting Scale is a very versatile tool with a high quality and with an accuracy of reading 0,1 g. With this Piece Counting Scale is very simple to operate, is portable and the large display gives ultra fast results.Yet the Scale is lightweight enough so that it's easy to carry for counting anywhere, anytime.The Piece Counting Scale offers an exceptional combination of remarkable features at affordable prices. This Piece Counting Scale has a removable weight pan for a great cleaning. You have too the pieces counting function for an accuracy weighing and large weighing pan for easy access, range blanking key, and a quick response time. This Piece Counting Scale have a power supply of 240 V  (by an adapter included in the delivery), but you can also use batteries. The Scale has some feet of adjustment and  fixation for a good leveling. Another advantage of this Piece Counting Scale is its RS 232 interface. With the RS-232 interface integrated and the optional software kit you will be able to transmit the weight data to a computer or a portable. The adjustment weights that you can also acquire as optional allow you a good control and the quick re-adjustment of the scale. You can send us the Scale for doing an optional ISO calibration or for doing a regular recalibration. You can also make it in a credited laboratory. The Piece Counting Scale is the ideal tool for the sector of the production, the laboratory, the entrance and exit control, as well as for a mobile use (i.e. for the external technical service).

PCE-BSH 6000.
Piece Counting Scale PCE-BSH 6000
with large display and weight pan in noble steel

     See / Print 

           Compact design scale bsh 6000: operator's manual.                           Compact design scale bsh 6000: data sheet.     
         Manual                   Datasheet

  • Adjustable program: adjust accuracy with a weight

  • Pieces counting function: parts counting, pieces to weight convertor (pcs)
  • Automatic illumination of the display (if the compact design scale is stable, in the screen appears the stability symbol)
  • Tare function in the middle of the range (you can repeat it several times)
  • Selectable weight units: mg, g, kg, N, oz, lb, ct, taels 
  • Weight pan in noble steel (removable)
  • Protection IP 54: protected against dust and splashing water.
  • Mains adapter supplied (230 V) 
  • Battery as an option- Low battery indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • ISO Certificate for Compact Design Scale (i.e. according to DIN ISO 9000) as an option            

Compact design scale PCE-BSH 6000: external calibration weight as optional.            Compact design scale PCE-BSH 6000: full tare range.            compact design scale PCE-BSH 6000: pieces counting in PCS (operator selection).            Compact design scale PCE-BSH 6000: RS-232 interface.            Compact design scale PCE-BSH 6000: unit function.            Compact design scale PCE-BSH 6000: adaptor (230 V/ 12 V).            Compact design scale PCE-BSH 6000: protection IP54.

Technical Specifications
Scale model Weighing range
Pan size
PCE-BSH 6000 6000 0,1


 ±0,2 0,3 170 x 180
Pieces counting Selectable weight units
Tare 50 % of weighing range (you can repeat it several times)
Indicator Large display (15 mm) with backlight
Units g, kg, lb, oz, dwt, ozt, gn, ct, tLT, tLH, tLJ, GN, dr, MM, TolA
Interface RS-232
Software Optional

Power supply

Adapter (240 V / 50 Hz) or battery  (6 battteries AA 1,5 V)
Housing plastic ABS
Protection IP 54
Dimensions 180 x 245 x 70 mm
Net weight aprox. 680 g

The optional software allows data to be transferred from the Digital Scale to a computer. PCE BSH softwareSo, you will be able to pre-select the Scale setup menu if weighing details are required permanently or if current value is transferred to a computer with the help of the keypad. The software comes with a RS-232 data cable and shows the weighing details on the display with the date and time and also it can save data in an Excel file. Besides, data transference to other calculation programs is also possible. Weighing details can be directly printed by means of the optional printed.
If your PC only has an USB interface or if you wish to transfer data to a portable computer, an adapter from RS-232 to USB will be required. Adapters will be acquire among our additional devices.


This Digital Scale can be used anywhere: in production, laboratories, at home ...
         PCE BSH 6000         PCE BSH 6000

Delivery contents
Piece Counting Scale PCE-BSH 6000,  pan, mains net adapter, operator's manual

price ex. (VAT / delivery)
Price (exclude VAT) £ 92,00
Price (include VAT) £ 110,40
GTIN (EAN) 4250348700605
Order no. PCE-BSH 6000
Content 1 pc.

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