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Paperless Recorder PCE-KD9

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*several inputs have the same ground
*several inputs have the same ground
*several inputs have the same ground
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Multi Channel Paperless Recorder with max. 72 Analogue and Binary Inputs / RS485-Interface / Max. 36 Thermo element or 18 Resistance Inputs / TFT display with Touch Screen / Data Logger for max. 90 Channels / 8 integrated PID controllers

The multi-channel paperless recorder PCE-KD9 can be applied to either capture, visualize, save or control measuring data and processes. This paperless recorder is a device for universal application based on Linux operating systems. Through three slots, each with inputs, the screen recorder can be equipped with up to 72 analogue inputs, 72 binary inputs, 36 TC inputs (e.g. type K thermal element), 18 RTD inputs (e.g. PT100 probes), 36 relay / SSR- inputs or 24 analogue outputs. These possibilities make this multi-channel paperless recorder suitable for almost all imaginable applications. The captured processing and switch signals are directed onto 90 internal logical channels of the paperless recorder and thus they can be processed in several ways or they can be used via 8 integrated PID regulators for process regulation. There is also the option provided to use the 1.5 GB internal data storage of the paperless recorder to feed-in data with a maximum sampling rate of 10 Hz. Thus a maximum of 200 values per second can be logged by the paperless recorder PCE-KD9, while the total capacity of the paperless recorder counts more than 2,000,000 values. The man-machine interface consists of a coloured TFT display multi-channel data logger with touch screen. The paperless recorder is able to display the captured data in 6 different display modes. The communication of the multichannel paperless logger with higher-level process control systems or subordinate sensors or transducers can be handled via various digital interfaces. RS485/232, USB or Ethernet are available if the slots in the multichannel paperless logger are equipped accordingly. These interfaces can even be used to connect a mouse or keyboard to the multichannel paperless logger. By means of the optional software the range of applications can be further expanded. It is used to capture, archive and display measurement data and thus enables analysis of the measurement series recorded by the multichannel paperless logger.

- Max. 72 analogue and binary inputs
- Graphics-capable 5.7" TFT display with touch screen
- Transmitter power supply 24 V DC / 200 mA
- 8 integrated PID controllers
- Interface RS485 / Modbus RTU
- 3 slots freely available
- Sampling rate max. 10 Hz
- Optionally with Ethernet interface
Technical Specification
Input (max.) 72 analogue inputs (0 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V)
72 binary inputs (low: 0 ... ± 1 V, high: ± 3 V ... ± 30 V)
36 thermal element inputs (Type J, K, S, T, N, R, B, E)
18 RTD 4-wire inputs (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000)
Output (max.) 24 analogue outputs (4 ... 20 mA)
36 relays (1 A / 250 V)
72 SSR (100 mA / 15 V) 
Transmitter supply 24 V DC ± 5 %, 200 mA (not with UN3, UN5, U24, I24, UI12, RT6, TC12, D24, R121, R65, S24, IO6, IO8)
Digital interfaces 2x RS485 
1x RS485/RS232
1x USB Host
1x USB Device
1x Ethernet 10 Mbit/s
Display 14.47 cm (5.7") graphics capable TFT, color (16 bit),
320 x 240 pixels, touchscreen
Supply voltage 19 ... 50 V DC / 16 ... 35 V AC
or 85 ... 260 V AC/DC
Power input 15 VA typical, 20 VA max.
Protection Standard:
IP 65 (front folio), IP 20 (enclosure and clamps)
Option 01:
IP 65 frame (to seal front panel)
Option 0B:
IP 40; IP54 (with doors that can be shut)
Data storage internally 1.5 GB (>2 Mio. measurements)
Sampling rate max. 10 Hz or max. 200 values per second
Ambient temperature In operation: 0 ... +60 °C / 32 ... +140 °F
Storing: -10 ... +70 °C / 14 ... 158 °F
Dimensions 144 x 144 x 100 mm / 5.67 x 5.67 x 3.93"
Panel dimensions 137 x 137 mm / 5.39 x 5.39" (front panel max. 5 mm / 0.19")

1 x Multichannel paperless recorder PCE-KD9 (in the desired configuration)
1 x User manual