Modbus Display PCE-HT 425

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PCE-HT 425
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Modbus display for PCE-P18 Series
For 10 Modbus slave devices / LCD and LED display
Ethernet / PoE / Acoustic alarm / FTP / Email
The Modbus display was developed for Modbus RTU slave devices. Up to 10 devices can be connected to the Modbus data logger. The display saves the measurement data on an internal memory. The display is integrated into a local network via the Ethernet interface. The measurement data can be accessed via the web browser from any smartphone, tablet or PC / MAC. The Modbus display has two displays - on the front and on the side, which can be programmed by the user to display the monitored values.

The Modbus display is supplied via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or via a power supply. The measurement data are continuously monitored by the Modbus display. In the event of an alarm, the display is able to send an email or emit an acoustic signal. In addition to any 10 Modbus devices, max. 4 PCE-P18S, PCE-P18 or PCE-P18D can be connected to the display. A digital input enables sensors such as anemometers with pulse outputs to be connected to the Modbus display.
The integrated FTP server from the Modbus display enables quick and easy access to archive data from the level of a web browser or another FTP client. The DHCP protocol ensures that the data logger is automatically configured in a computer network. The SMTP protocol guarantees that emails will be sent in the event of an alarm. The Modbus display can also be used in complex monitoring systems in which the Modbus slave TCP / IP communication protocol ensures smooth and reliable reading of all current measurement data.

Archive data can be checked via an internal website using a smartphone, tablet or PC. The display has 8 GB of permanent memory that cannot be overwritten. A 4 GB ring memory serves as a buffer. The measurement data is automatically written from this memory to the permanent memory of the Modbus display.

- Ethernet with PoE
- RS485 Modbus 
- Modbus RTU / TCP
- Email alarm and acoustic alarm
- 8 GB storage
- LED and LCD display

Digital input Low: 0 ... 2.9V
  High: 3 ... 24V
  0.1 ... 100 Hz
Interface Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
  RS485 master / slave
Transfer modes Modbus TCP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP
  Modbus RTU 8N2, 8E1, 8O1, 8N1
Power supply       12V DC (external power supply)
  PoE IEEE 802.3af
Power consumption <5W
Operating conditions            -20 ... 60°C / -4 ... 140°F max. 95% RH
Degree of protection IP20
Assembly Wall mounting or on a flat surface
Weight Approx. 300 g / < 1 lb
Dimensions 150 x 100 x 28 mm / 5.9 x 3.9 x 1.1 in

1 x Modbus display PCE-HT 425