Industrial Measurement Products and Solutions
Order no.: PCE-EA19I

The analogue indicator or display PCE-EA19I is used to quicky and easily measure currents. This analogue display finds its application in industrial areas. The analogue display can directly measure currents up to 100 A AC and requires no additional power supply.

- Measures up to 100 A AC
- Measuring range: selectable when ordering
- Dimensions: 96 x 96 mm 


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-LCTB 50/30 (50)
The current transformer or DIN rail meter PCE-LCT 50/30 (50) is used when alternating currents in circuits are too high to be directly detected by measuring devices. The DIN-rail meter converts the primary current into a proportional reduced secondary current which can be processed by a measuring device. In addition, the rail-mounted meter protects connected measuring devices against high voltages.

- Primary coil (input): 50 A ... 600 A
- Secondary coil (output): 1 A / 5 A
- System voltage: max. 720 V
- Accuracy class: 0.5 / 1
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer