Industrial Measurement Products and Solutions
Order no.: PCE-RE19P

The temperature controller PCE-RE19P is a control instrument designed for complex control tasks. The two analog universal inputs of this PID controller can process the common signals and are freely scalable. You can also link them mathematically and provide them with a digital filter. In addition, there are two digital inputs, via which PLC controllers can influence the PID controller. The four available outputs of this PID controller can be freely assigned to different tasks.

- Two universal analog inputs
- Memory for 15 programs
- Optional RS485 interface and continuous control output


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-RE92

The industrial temperature regulator PCE-RE92 is designed for universal industrial applications with high demands. The controller has two slip universal and programmable inputs. Thus a wide variety of sensors can be connected to the controller PCE-RE92. Various control outputs are available.

- Power supply: 85 ... 253 V AC / DC
- 2 Sensor inputs: Universal
- 1 additional input: 0/4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 5/10 V, PT100 / PT1000
- Output: 4 relays, 4 +2 relays, 4 relays + 2 binary output (0/5 V)
- Additional output: 4 ... 20 mA and 0 ... 10 V (optional)


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: EE671-V
The EE671 air flow transmitter is a very compact air velocity sensor. The small design in combination with a thin-film sensor element makes it possible to use this versatile transducer, especially in mass applications. 

- Measuring range from 0 ... 20 m/s
- Temperature range -20 ... 60 °C / -4 ... 140 °F
- Immersion depth infinitely adjustable
- Different output signals selectable
- Cable or plug version
Manufacturer: E+E Elektronik GmbH
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-ND30

The power indicator PCE-ND30 can be used to measure 54 parameters in a UI network. In addition to the performance measurement of the power indicator PCE-ND30, it can detect voltage, current, and harmonics up to the 51st order. The power display can be used as 1 or 3 phase. It does not matter if the connected load is balanced or unbalanced.

- Measurement of all parameters of a U/I network
- Harmonics measurement up to 51st order
- 2 x PT100 Input Optional
- RS485 Modbus 


Note: This item must be configured before ordering!

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-DPD-F
The built-in display is used to indicate the force and weight detected by load cells and load cells with strain gauges. The output signal of the measuring cell is irrelevant because the DMS display makes it possible to display the correct weight in mV / V based on the set sensitivity. The DMS display displays the measured values ​​on a 6-digit LED display. 

- Power supply: 85 ... 265V AC / DC / 11 ... 60V DC / 24/48V AC (selectable)
- Input signal: mV / V for force and weighing sensors
- Display: 6 digits, red
- Digit height : 14 mm
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-RE62

The PCE-RE62 is a universal controller for various sensor signals and control modes. The universal controller can process RTD temperature sensors, thermocouple and DC standard signals on the input side. On the output side, a relay is always available on the PCE-RE62 universal controller. Optionally additional relays, a 0/5 V output to the SSR control or an analogue output can be selected. Furthermore, a sensor supply of 24 V / 40 mA can be installed in the controller on the output side.

- Self-optimizing PID control
- Universal input
- DIN rail mounting
- Relay, 0/5 V or analog output selectable


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer